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Can I Transport a Non-Running Vehicle?

You can get quotes to ship both running and non-running vehicles at our website, However, there are a few things that you need to understand about transporting a non-running vehicle that differs from shipping a properly running vehicle.

To start, most vehicles are loaded and unloaded by driving them on and off the truck. If a vehicle is not running, the driver can’t do that, so they’ll need to winch it onto their truck and maneuver it into place that way. Not all auto transporters have a winch on their truck, as they are not a standard part of your typical auto transport truck.

Owning, operating and maintaining a winch requires more work than not, and it takes more time to load and unload vehicles using a winch, so prices for non-running vehicles tend to be higher than those for fully operational vehicles. The price hike isn’t too bad, and is usually a flat fee of a hundred dollars or so. The fee depends on who you are shipping your vehicle with, so make sure to shop around and get different quotes from different shipping companies.

To get those quotes quickly and easily, fill out our free auto transport quote request form on our website. If you do, you’ll receive multiple quotes in your email from some of the best auto transport companies in the industry. We clear all of those shippers for reliability and dependability, and that means ensuring that they are all fully licensed, bonded and insured. For further questions, or for help getting your free quotes, you can call us at 800-930-7417 toll-free to speak to one of our live agents about your vehicle transportation needs today.

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