Mary & Bash: Belong – LG Auto Transport

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m so glad to be back again. How are you, guys? I missed you, it’s been a really reeeally long time. As some people might know I’ve spent the most amazing three months working in the States last summer. And while my vidding break back then was due to that circumstances my absence from youtube the last few months was rather unintentional. Without going into too much detail let’s just say the ridiculous copyright law in Germany caught up with me BIG TIME.
I’m so sorry guys that I haven’t kept in touch with you at all because of all that. The situation is still a mess but screw them, I couldn’t stay away anymore. Thank you for always supporting me, I even got hundreds of new subsribers in the last few months.You are incredibly awesome. 🙂
I’m not sure how much I will be able to get invloved with youtube again but I hope to talk to you more often again and vid once or twice in a while. They can have my money but they won’t ever take my vidding love from me. 🙂

Enough rambling, onto the video: REIGN! Thanks to my bestie Caro (tinycherry30) I’m all over it. 🙂 And while I liked Frary at the beginning my shipper heart was not completly on board with them. And then “Why would he ever look elsewhere” happened and the first Mash kiss came along. My head knew I shouldn’t fall in love with them but the heart does what it wants. 😉
And though 1×13 was the most disturbing episode ever (I cried through the whole wedding because the Mash pain was too real) it made me realize one thing: TEAM MASH ALL THE FREAKING WAY! I don’t doubt that Mary loves Francis but if you ask me her feelings are based on childhood dreames. She WAS always supposed to be in love with him since forever. It was fact, not a journey. But Mary and Bash are real. They FELL in love with each other because of who they are and what they do NOW. They challenge and support each other no matter what. And Bash is the kindest most selfless man you could wish for. Why on earth would you ever leave him??? I could list a hundred reasons why these two should be together in my book and why I will always have hope for them. Despite everything it feels like “I’ve made the perfect choice” by shipping them. 😉

End of rant. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Mary & Bash: Belong – LG Auto Transport”

  1. It seems I'll never stop crying when it comes to these two, I'm just so heartbroken. But you, you just made one of the most stunning videos I've ever seen. AMAZING JOB!

  2. "She WAS always supposed to be in love with him since forever. It was fact, not a journey. But Mary and Bash are real. They FELL in love with each other because of who they are and what they do NOW."

    Your words are perfect. And so is your video. <3 My Mash shipper heart is still in pain but OTP 5ever!

  3. Oh wow, what a spectacular video. I don't even watch the show but this shipping interests me. When it's fully on Netflix I think I'll give it a chance. I want to go on and on about how great the video is but I'm concerned about your description! You have to pay money because of copyright infringement?! Seriously?? What the hell.. I'm so sorry and hope all works out.

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I cannot believe this is the first time I am seeing your videos!!! WOOOOOOW!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MARY/BASH VIDEOS I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Your editing and the song choice is SO SO PERFECT!!! WOW!! And may I just say…YOUR RANT IS THE MOST ACCURATE THING I HAVE EVER READ!!! MASH ALL THE WAY!! FANTASTIC VIDEO!

  5. AMAZING!!!!!! PURE PERFECTION!!! I'm so glad that you are Mash team Thank you viddingi them . That's great. They are perfection. I hope you do not give up on them. Writers need to know that we are still here , even after what they do to us . Dont listen those who say that you chose the wrong ship. This is a show . Here we think is not primarily about historical facts , and choose heart. And our hearts are open to Mash . And this song is so perfect for them. I know that the first thing you think when you hear it is Delena , but it seems you have found a more perfect ship for this song , because it always seemed a bit odd for me that the writers chose her for a reunion Delena .

  6. I'm torn when it comes to who I ship Mary with but I have to admit.. Episode 13 was very disturbing. He was forced to watch them… WHAT THE HELL! My heart broke. I think I ship Mary alittle more with Bash…
    I love this video! Perfection at its finest!

  7. Nooooo, your on the wrong team, lol. I love your videos to death, but Mart belongs with Francis! Gah! I guess I will endure watching your Mash videos because you are brilliant, but I still say your on the wrong team, lol.

  8. Only you sweetie, only you to keep me glued to the screen for the whole 3:35 minutes and make me enjoy your video when i'm 100% Frary with all my heart.
    When i saw this video, i knew i had to watch it anyway because it's you, and your videos are always so perfect!! This one is no exception, what an emotional video, as always. You're such a talented vidder, gosh!!
    Love you and missed you!!

  9. She's baaaaaaack!! Can't believe my own eyes! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!!! 😀 You better not leave again cause we all missed you so much! And I'm so glad I got you into Reign cause this show deserves more love! For the first time, I'm not exactly on the same side since I prefer Frary a tiny bit more but it didn't stop me from enjoying this new masterpiece of yours! Such a beautiful song and scene selection, as always! You could make me love any couple with your brilliant editing style anyway 😉 I'm counting on you to fill my sub box every week now, deal? 🙂 LY!

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